By Alice W.   about   Lillian G.

Mom’s life was filled with struggles, but she was steadfast, hard-working, always caring for others,

compassionate, giving and/or sharing anything she had if someone needed it, including me I might add,

and thankful for every blessing she had. She made the best of a very hard life with love for all even those

who mistreated her or took advantage of her. It would be hard to choose which of these admirable

qualities would be at the top of my list for being most admired. I would have to say selflessness and

caring for others.

I wish I could tell her how much I respect her and love her for all she did for me personally and our

family, both immediate and extended. I didn’t realize how much she sacrificed for us and loved us. I

honestly don’t think I told her often enough that I loved her. I guess you can never say it enough, but as

a child, you don’t realize that until it’s too late. I hope she knows now, and I am looking forward to to

giving her the biggest hug ever!

By John S.    about   Millie  S.  

My mom, Miss Millie,  was a major prayer warrior, just like her mom before her.  She was very active in her church and saw to it that I became involved as well. She insisted on naming me after someone in the bible! Given that my last name is "Smith", she however could have chosen something else - apart from "JOHN"!  :)  Miss Millie introduced me to music and also saw to it that I was exposed to the gospel at a young age. I am eternally grateful for that! 

My mom had the "fruits of The Spirit" in abundance.  For me, those were important, but in my formative years, the attributes that I most appreciated were mercy and forgiveness.  Although Miss Millie's life's was impactful in so many ways, her most significant "possession" was The Holy Spirit! Miss Millie was a child of The King!  

See you again one day Miss Millie!