The objective of the JBC Mission Committee is to inform our congregation in the field of missions, and our missionaries, that we help support, throughout the world. Also to be the liaison between the church body and our missionaries in the field.

cef of new jersey

16 Evergreen Road

New Egypt

New Jersey, 08533

Contact: Jim Gutacker

Telephone: 609. 736. 8281

kevin and kaori laverman

Primary Ministry :

Establishing a church for returnees in Kawasaki, Japan

Prayer Needs :

Pray that more Japanese men would be reached and take on spiritual leadership in their homes and churches. Pray that Christians of wealth in this area would use their financial means for the advancement of God's kingdom.

Major Challenges :

Work pressures on Japanese businessmen squeeze out time for spiritual priorities. For Christians, who make up a tiny 0.6 percent of the population, the task of touching the larger culture with the gospel can seem daunting.

The People :

Yokohama is an area of strong foreign influence and wealth. People maintain a hectic lifestyle of professional and educational development. Several of the members of Grace Chapel are returnees from time spent abroad.

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tim and marcia monahan

Primary Ministry :

Leadership development and multiplying churches around the world

Prayer Needs :

Pray for the humility of our leaders and the growth of our believers. Pray that we reach our mission of developing mature and united disciples to reach the Naples area and the world for Christ.

Major Challenges :

Building trust in a skeptical society; maintaining spiritual vitality; and remaining faithful to the call in a resistant culture.


The People :

For 31 years, the Monahans have ministered to Neapolitans from the Naples region in their church planting work, and to Italians from all over Italy in leadership training. Generally, the leaders they train are pastors, elders and deacons of local churches; however, missionaries from other agencies sometimes take the training. As of June 21, 2016, the Monahans have been  involved in training young missionaries and ministering to people from some of the 60 unreached people groups in New York City.


walt and pat stuart

Walt and Pat have been involved in Church Planting in the USA and France since 1970. 

They have four adult children and eight grandchildren. Walt served as France field leader and European Administrator for UFM (Unevangelized Fields Missions) International. He co-founded IFCI (International Family and Church Growth Institute) and the French Association “Famille Je t'Aime” (FJA) in 1989. “Famille Je t'Aime” means “Family I Love You”. They served as pastor, chaplain, and counselors at the Black Forest Academy in Germany . 

Walt holds a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling and Pat is currently completing a Doctorate in Counseling

erick and yaomy sanchez

Ministry Focus

Erick was appointed by Missions Door in April 2004 working among the Lenca Indians, a largely unreached group in Central Honduras. He serves as the Ministry Coordinator for work among the Lenca, focusing on evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Erick directs and teaches in the leadership training program, which prepares local leaders for church planting in Lenca villages. He also oversees the association of churches. He and Yoamy are burdened to reach mountain villages that have been untouched by the Gospel.

Erick says, “We feel a great satisfaction to be a part of this team taking the Gospel to others. Now our greatest interest is to share the Gospel with the Lenca and speak to them about Jesus. We believe we have found something that is worth the investment of our time, our resources, and our lives.”


rigoberto and claudia reyes


Service Area: International

Role: Central America and Caribbean Ministry Director

Ministry Focus

Rigoberto was appointed for ministry in Nicaragua in 2001 and immediately left for the field, depending solely on Claudia’s income until their support could be raised. Since their appointment many have come to know the Lord, leaders have been developed, and cell groups, children’s and prison ministries have been started.

Rigoberto is planting chains of new churches using the extension principles of II Timothy 2:2: “And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men who will, in turn, be able to teach others also.”

He was named the Central America Ministry Director in August 2011 and in February 2017, the Caribbean was added

to his area of responsibility.

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nelson and consuelo juarez

Belize , El Salvador

Service Area: International

Role: Ministry Specialist

Ministry Focus

Nelson’s life-changing commitment to the Lord happened in Belize. He teamed up with N.T. Dellinger to start churches.

From an early age, Nelson developed a love for music. He learned to play the guitar and sang with Odir, his brother, to thousands of people in crusades in El Salvador. As part of a team, one of Nelson’s first ministries was directing worship.

Now back in El Salvador, Nelson has trained a talented music group and is in the process of multiplying this ministry in other churches. The music ministry, blended with Evangelism Explosion and Grupos de Amor en Accion (Groups of Love in Action), have become tools that God has used to develop four churches in El Salvador.

Nelson and Consuelo have a vision of planting churches. The strategy is to make disciples following the model of Jesus.

The congregation in Chalchuapa has provided leaders who have been sent out to establish ministries in: Los Cedros, El Refugio, Porvenir, Amate Blanco (church and school), San Salvador, San Marcos, Comalapa and Aguilares, and a rehabilitation center in San Luis.

They are also working with Training of a Million Leaders in Latin America. Nelson and Consuelo are serving in Belize fulfilling needs there. The Juarez family waits expectantly on God to see what He will do in a new area of Santa Ana.

Nelson testifies of God’s grace reaching him and sustaining him in every need as an effective pastor and church planter.


john and stella white

Primary Ministry :

Training future Christian leaders and missionaries at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS), which has hundreds of graduates serving across the former Soviet Union

Prayer Needs :

Pray that God would use us to teach his Word and develop deep relationships with students who will start new churches and impact old ones throughout the former Soviet Union. Pray, too, for God to have mercy upon the people of Ukraine, to bring peace and justice to the war-torn East, and to somehow use this horrible situation for good.

Major Challenges :

It is their challenge to equip a new generation of church leaders to share God's Word and love in a quickly changing society caught between atheistic communism and materialistic capitalism and currently dealing with armed conflict and massive numbers of refugees.

The People :

John and Stella serve students from all over the former Soviet Union.

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