The Truth Project

September 14 - December 7, 2020

Contact: Jaime Zapata, phone: 732.928.5735. email

What Is The Truth Project?

The Truth Project is a DVD-based small group curriculum comprised of 12 video lessons.  Each lesson discusses the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life. 

When and Where will the study begin?

Monday, Sept 14 @7PM - 13 weeks - "World View" Study - Absolutely life altering - changes your vocabulary and your view towards almost everything you see and hear in the news. Depending on the situation, we will either meet at the Zapata's or via ZOOM. The videos are digitally available, so everyone can see them via ZOOM.

How does this study work?

A group of up to 12 people will meet each week. The session will start with approximately 30 minutes for coffee, soft drinks, light snacks and fellowship. There will be approximately 60 minutes of DVD-based material and time afterward for Q&A and reflection in Christian community. 

Who can attend?

Anyone! Single men or women as well as couples can all greatly benefit from the study.

Can I borrow the DVD and

watch it at home?

We believe that the “head knowledge” the DVD material gives us must be combined with “heart knowledge” and wrapped in fellowship & close relationships in order to give us the environment to learn and grow. 

Therefore, we have deliberately chosen the small group study model – a prayerfully supported “cocoon” filled with interactive discussion and application – as our method for unfolding and exponentially expanding The Truth Project.

Watching these DVDs outside the context of a group results in only seeing (and experiencing) a fraction of the big picture.  The video content of The Truth Project makes up perhaps a third of the whole package; the other two thirds come from the context in which it is experienced.