Get plugged in to a life group

God created us all to be in community with both fellow believers and Him. Do you often feel alone? Do you lack true friendship within the church? Life Groups at JBC help foster the these relationships that God has called us all to. Click on this link to see Why Small Groups?

To Get more information on any of the Life Groups below, please click on the names of the facilitators to send an email request or contact Pastor Jamie Wilson at

  • Ed and Barbara Buniak:  Tuesdays @ 12:30pm. Location -Cream Ridge

  • Justin Burnett: Fridays @ 7p.m.  Location - Jackson Baptist Church

  • Dave Eckert: Thursdays @ 7p.m. Location - New Egypt

  • Ed Christensen: Second and Fourth Friday @ 7p.m. Location - Jackson

  • Don and Carol Carruth:  Wednesdays @ 7 p.m. Location - Jackson

  • Jaime & Lynn Zapata: Mondays @ 7p.m. Location - Jackson

  • Karen Deikun: Tuesdays @ 7p.m. Manchester (Women Only) 

  • Cheryl Rucki: Wednesdays @ 10 a.m. Jackson (Women Only)